Accounting and Reporting at Columbia (ARC)

Service Initiation

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Click here for the Financial Systems Security Application Form.  After you click on the link to the form and type your UNI into the request system, click on Service Catalog (on the left) and then you will see the form on the right (under Security Application Requests).

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Service Support Contact: 

Contact the Finance Service Center to report an incident or request a service.

You can also call 212-854-2122, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Service Description

ARC is the University's new web-based financial system. It includes modules for general accounting, procurement, and project costing (tracking financial information over a project life).


ARC is live as of July 9, 2012.


The implementation includes the following PeopleSoft software modules:

  • General Ledger is the financial book of record for the University. All financial activity must be fed to the General Ledger so that it can be tracked and reported
  • Commitment Control (also referred to as “Budget Checking” or “KK”) is used to monitor budgets
  • Project Costing is used to track and aggregate project-related costs
  • ARC Procurement is the primary system for procuring and paying for goods and services
  • Reporting - ARC receives feeds from the other financial systems (big and small) so that it can be the one combined source of financial information across the University


A majority of the Financial Front End (FFE) modules have been replaced by ARC. However, three modules remain in use and have been retrofitted to accommodate the new ARC ChartString and GL structure. They are:

  • Budget Tool (FFE/FINSYS)
  • Cash Module (FFE/FINSYS)
  • Casual & Support Staff Time Entry Module (VFFE)

ARC will provide users with many benefits including:

  • Integration of several financial and reporting systems into a single, integrated system for general ledger, budgeting, purchasing, accounts payable, including a new chart of accounts

  • Improved quality of data

  • Improved grants and contract financial management

  • Better visibility into transactions

  • Advanced reporting capabilities

The Financial ERP implementation will impact the following areas of the Columbia community:

  • Finance (Central, School and Administrative Units)

  • Sponsored Projects

  • Procurement

  • Reporting

The following systems are being replaced by ARC:

  • FINSYS - Change Order module
  • FINSYS - Vendor Management module
  • AP/CAR - Accounts Payable Controlled Analytical Review
  • CAPS - Columbia Assisted Purchasing System
  • DARTS - Departmental Advanced Reporting and Tracking System
  • FFE - Financial Front End for Journal Entry, IDI, Account Create, Account Attributes modules.
  • FAS Data Warehouse (DWR) Reports - Here you will now find pre-July, 2012 FAS reports, COB reports as well as other legacy report functions.

Standard Service Features

Standard Costs: 

No cost for the end users (centrally funded).