Collaboration Notebook (Jupyterhub)

Service Description

Collaboration Notebook provides an interactive computing environment to create and share notebook documents that include live code, interactive widgets, plots, text, equations, images and video.

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Collaboration Notebook, powered by an open-source technology called Jupyterhub, provides a complete and self-contained record of a computation that can be converted to various formats and shared with others. Collaboration Notebook can be used to facilitate a variety of tasks including team collaboration, data cleaning and transformation, numerical simulation, statistical modeling and machine learning.

Please send email to with questions you might have. For training on Collaboration Notebook, contact the Center for Teaching and Learning.


Support Contact

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Please email or call the CUIT Service Desk at 212-854-1919 to ask questions or report an issue.


Additional Information

Additional Information: 

Collaboration Notebook enables you to:

  • Edit code in the browser with automatic syntax highlighting, indentation, and tab completion/introspection.

  • Run code from the browser with the results of computations attached to the code which generated them.

  • See the results of computations with rich media representations, such as HTML, LaTeX, PNG, SVG, PDF, etc.

  • Create and use interactive JavaScript widgets which bind interactive user-interface controls and visualizations to reactive kernel side computations.

  • Write narrative text using the Markdown markup language.

  • Build hierarchical documents that are organized into sections with different levels of headings.

  • Include mathematical equations using LaTeX syntax in Markdown, which are rendered in-browser.