Service Description

Management of computer communications protocols such as Domain Name Services (DNS) and Dynamic Hosting Control Protocols (DHCP) which allow access to computer networks and the Internet.

Make a Request

Make a Request: 

To register a device on the network, request a hostname or static IP address, please visit


CUIT will complete DNS registration requests within 3 business days.

You may also e-mail a text version of the form to hostmaster@columbia.edu instead. Before you submit your form, be sure you do the following:

  • Fill out the form as completely and accurately as possible.
  • For special requests (i.e., bulk registration), contact hostmaster@columbia.edu, and include a description of the request in the Comments section.
  • Include your e-mail address (all correspondence you receive will be via e-mail).

Once you submit your completed form, we will notify you via email upon completion. We will also notify you via e-mail if there are any errors or questions regarding your request.

Support Contact

Service Support Contact: 

Please send email to hostmaster@columbia.edu to ask questions or report an issue.

Additional Information

Additional Information: 

Note: You are not required to register your computer's Ethernet address in order to get a connection to the Internet on the Morningside Campus. 

Domains and Hosting Options

If you are requesting a new domain, please review Columbia's Domain Name Policy.

If you are registering a host for use as a web server, please consider using CUIT's official Hosting Services as an alternative.

This service is available 24/7.