High Performance Computing (HPC)

Service Description

Shared high performance computing (HPC).

Make a Request

Make a Request: 

CUIT offers four ways to leverage the computing power of our High Performance Computing resources.

Please note:

  • Morningside, Lamont, and Nevis faculty and research staff are eligible for the Purchase option.

  • Morningside, Lamont and Nevis faculty, research staff, and sponsored students are eligible for the Rent and Free options.

Option 1: Purchase

Researchers may purchase servers and storage during periodic purchase opportunities scheduled and approved by faculty and administration governance committees. A variety of purchasing options are available with pricing tiers that reflect the level of computing capability purchased. Purchasers receive higher priority than others leveraging the HPC.

For more information, please send an email to rcs@columbia.edu.

Option 2: Rent

An individual researcher may pay a set fee for a share of the system for one year as a single user with the ability to use additional computing capacity as it is available, based on system policies and availability.

Submit an HPC rental request now.

Option 3: Free

Researchers, including graduate students, post-docs, and sponsored undergraduates may use the system on a low-priority, as-available basis. User support for this option will be provided on a best-effort basis only, with use of the online documentation strongly encouraged.

Submit a request for free HPC access now.

Option 4: Education

Instructors teaching a course or workshop addressing an aspect of computational research may request temporary access for their students. Access will typically be arranged in conjunction with a class project or assignment.

Submit a request for HPC Education access now.

Other Requests:  

Request access for a new user to an existing HPC group:

Current HPC customers can request access to their HPC group for a new user. This option is available to current authorized users only.

For any other requests, please send an email to rcs@columbia.edu.

Support Contact

Service Support Contact: 

Please send email to rcs@columbia.edu to ask a question or report an issue. Customers can expect a response within 4 hours for critical issues affecting service, and within 8 business hours for non-critical issues affecting service.

Additional Information

Additional Information: 

User support is provided by the Research Computing Services (RCS) team. RCS is the point of contact for High Performance Computing (HPC) service users. RCS manages the HPC scheduler software and coordinates interaction with faculty operations committees. Application software is managed by CUIT and arrangements can be made for CUIT to install and configure specialized software that has been licensed.

Service is available 24x7. Downtimes for maintenance may be scheduled every 3 months. The duration of these varies but is typically less than a day.