Online Evaluations

Service Description

Columbia University online course evaluations are run and managed on the CourseWorks platform.

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Make a Request: 


CourseWorks provides functionality for online course evaluations, providing faculty with the ability to gather feedback on the courses they deliver.


CourseWorks evaluation access is granted to people who create and distribute evaluations to academic courses.


Please Note: If you are departmental staff looking to view evaluation results please fill out the CourseWorks Admin Access Request form.


Requirements for Requesting Access

Before applying for access to online course evaluations in CourseWorks, please ensure that  you have the information below, which is required in the request form:

  • The four-letter "subject code" for the departments or divisions whose courses you need to access.

  • The name and e-mail address of the senior administrator who has authority to grant access to all course sites within a department. This is normally an academic dean or department chair.


Codes and Definitions


Note: Requests for access will be completed once appropriate approvals have been received by CUIT.

Submit a request to create course evaluations.

Support Contact

Service Support Contact: 

Please send email to or call the CUIT Service Desk at 212-854-1919 to ask questions or report an issue.

Additional Information

Additional Information: 

Service is available 24x7 except during preannounced maintenance periods. For more information: